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Welcome to Virgin Virtual Group

Virgin Virtual Group is a well-established Virtual Airline that began operations in 2010 as Virgin Atlantic Virtual. We simulate the operations of all Virgin Airlines past and present along with their current codeshare partners on the VATSIM, IVAO and Pilot Edge networks.

We are one of the most sophisticated Virtual Airlines available on these networks and provide an aesthetically pleasing, reliable website with features unique to Virgin Virtual Group.

We operate a diverse fleet of aircraft allowing us to offer you a mixture of short, medium and long haul flying all around the world.

Our bespoke smartCARS tracking software is uniquely customised to Virgin Virtual Group and is used to track all flights. It is simple to setup and easy to use.

So if you are aged 13 and over and have a passion for Flight Simulation then why not join us?


Total Flights 13,944
Miles Flown 26,184,477 nm
Total Hours 58,185
Passengers Carried 3,298,118
Applications Pending 1


Pilot Flight Dep. Arr. Flight Time Landing Rate Aircraft
Modise Mapela VIR808PEGLLEGKK00.14-248B744
Peter Perkin VIR2026LEMGEGKK02.17-402A321
Modise Mapela VIR713GEGPDEGLL01.18-134A320
Sam Farley DAL1853KLASKLAX00.48-173B738
Modise Mapela VIR7133EGLLEGPD01.10-195A320

Latest Pilots

Pilot ID Pilot Location
VVG4851David Woods
VVG4850Fabian Legue
VVG4849Marcos Mota
VVG4848Calum Towers
VVG4847Justin Miller