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Welcome to Virgin Virtual Group.

Virgin Virtual Group is a well-established virtual airline that started operations in 2010 as Virgin Atlantic Virtual. We re-create the operations of all Virgin Airlines past and present.

We are one of the most sophisticated Virtual Airlines available to date and offer users a smooth, aesthetically pleasing and reliable website with features that are unique to Virgin Virtual Group.

Our diverse fleet and real world schedules, allows us to offer you a wide variety of short, medium and long haul flights on a variety of aircraft types.

Flights can be flown on the VATSIM, IVAO and Pilot Edge networks or offline if you so wish.

We have a simple and easy to use ACARS called vFlyer which is very user friendly, pilots will use this to log their flights.

So if you are aged 13 and over and have a passion for Flight Simulation then join us by clicking the image below.

Submited By Departure Arrival Flight Time Aircraft Rate
Mitchell Haley KSFO KPDX 01.42.39 A319-100 -237
Jim Kack KSFO KLAX 12.0 A320-200 0
Tony Russell EGKK KMCO 8.47 B747-400 0
Mitchell Haley KLAS KSFO 01.32.34 A320-200 -328
Mitchell Haley KLAX KLAS 01.13.01 A319-100 -427

New Codeshares... 01/25/2014
Around The Clock: Gatwick... 01/21/2014
[VACANCIES] Fleet/Schedul... 01/14/2014
[VACANCY] Virgin Atlantic... 01/11/2014
[Appointment] Operations ... 12/14/2013

United Kingdom VVG2495 - Sam Williams
Grenada VVG2494 - Adriel Bonaparte
Grenada VVG2493 - John Britton
United Kingdom VVG2492 - Michael Starckey
United States VVG2491 - Elliott Barber

Total Hours: 38291.33
Total Flights: 7948
Miles Flown: 15620545nm
Total Aircraft: 4903
Passengers Carried: 2032319

Pilots Online:

Guests Online: 14
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